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Metallica : Lollapalooza Argentina 2017


Metallica : Lollapalooza Argentina 2017 Dvd 1 & Dvd 2
Hipódromo de San Isidro, San Isidro, Argentina on March 31, 2017
Genre:  Heavy Metal
Quality:  DVD1 4.35 GB | 4.33 GB

When you have more than three decades of career, it is difficult for some artists to hide their enthusiasm knowing that even after so many years there are still some cartridges to burn. After a period of discs with regular results, the 2017 version of Metallica exudes confidence in itself thanks to Hardwired. To Self-Destruct, the double album published in 2016 with which the band was able to regain the vigor of its golden era by force of metal without concessions. And it is this same pride that made six of the songs on his tenth album occupy a central role in the list of themes from his first experience as headliner of the local edition of Lollapalooza. Journal La Nacion

Metallica is an American heavy metal band originally from Los Angeles, but based in San Francisco since February 1983. It was founded in 1981 in Los Angeles by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield, who would be joined by Dave Mustaine and Cliff Burton. These two musicians were later replaced by guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Jason Newsted, Dave Mustaine was fired one year after joining the band due to his excessive alcohol addiction and his violent attitude, and founded the band Megadeth, being replaced by Kirk Hammett former guitarist of Exodus. On September 27, 1986, the death of Cliff Burton in a bus accident in Sweden, during one of his tours, led to the entry of the group of Jason Newsted, 1 who, after his abandonment fifteen years later, Would be replaced by the current bassist, Robert Trujillo.

To date, the band has released 11 studio albums, being the last of these "Hardwired ... To Self-Destruct," which was released worldwide on November 18, 2016. Metallica's total sales exceed 120 million , 2 and are considered part of the four major thrash metal, along with Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax.3 In addition, the group has won numerous music awards, including eight Grammys, two awards by the MTV music chain, Two awards from the American Music Awards and a Billboard magazine award, as well as a star on the Walk of Fame magazine Kerrang !.

    James Hetfield - Voice, rhythm guitar (1981-present).
    Kirk Hammett - Lead guitar, backing vocals (1983-present).
    Robert Trujillo - Electric bass, choirs (2003-present).
    Lars Ulrich - Drums, percussion (1981-present).

Previous members

    Ron McGovney - Electric bass, choirs (1981-1982).
    Dave Mustaine - Lead guitar, choirs (1981-1983).
    Cliff Burton - Electric bass, backing vocals (1983-1986).
    Jason Newsted - Electric bass, choirs (1986-2001).


    Lloyd Grant - Lead guitar, backing vocals, unofficial member (1981).
    Bob Rock - Bass, backing vocals, session member (2001-2003).
    John Marshall - Rhythm guitar and leader, choirs, member of tour (1986, 1992).
Kill 'Em All
Ride the Lightning
Master of Puppets
...And Justice for All
Metallica (Black Album)
St. Anger
Death Magnetic
Hardwired... to Self-Destruct  English


01. Ecstasy Of Gold
02. Hardwired… To Self-Destruct
03. Atlas, Rise!
04. For Whom The Bell Tolls
05. The Memory Remains
06. Kirk’s Solo 1
07. The Unforgiven
08. Now That We’re Dead
09. Moth Into Flame
10. Harvester Of Sorrow
11. Halo On Fire
12. Rob’s Solo
13. Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)
14. Whiplash
15. Sad But True
16. One
17. Master Of Puppets
18. Kirk’s Solo 2
18. Fade To Black
19. Seek And Destroy
20. Battery
21. Nothing Else Matters
22. Enter Sandman







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Muito Obrigado pela Partilha
Eu adoro Metalllca
Um Grande Abraço



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